Our Story

Salt River Farm was built from the ground up by Patti and Peter Abbott in 1985. As a gardener and arborist, the two brought to life what the soil had to offer and the gardens and fields have flourished. In 1992, the then family of four held an old-fashioned barn raising and erected an expansive barn compiled of the strong bones of two antique barns. The old beams hold many stories, and we wanted to add our family’s to it.

In 2013, we held our first wedding, a family wedding. From that day on, we received such wonderful praise and appreciation for the farm that we decided we needed to share our beautiful haven with others. As our family grew, SRF became a family run business, and now almost six years later we have hosted a number of weddings where many other couples have started their own stories under the beams of the barn.

We’d love to help you start your own story at Salt River Farm, too!